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by Dianna Ranere

Fun Outdoors and In with Zing Toys Firetek Zeon Bow #ZingToys

Firetek Zeon Bow from Zing 2

Firetek Zeon Bow from Zing 3


It’s no secret that we love Zing Toys in this house, my son and his friend still spend hours playing with the FireTek Rocket we received around July 4th.

A few weeks ago while attending Sweet Suite 15 in NYC I had the pleasure of meeting the rep from Zing toys and she was happy to hear just how much my son and his friend love Zing toys. While at the booth I saw the Firetek Zeon Bowfoam bow & arrows that light up! I knew my son would love it! What kids doesn’t like to shoot things into the air, especially arrows that whistle and glow?!

Firetek Zeon Bow from Zing

 Here’s a quick video of Nik’s friend Brian showing you how the Firetek Zeon Bow works:

Fun, right? Both of my sons, the oldest is almost 17, and my husband have been playing with the bow nonstop. The cats are loving it too! They turn out the lights and turn on the arrows and shoot them at the walls and the cats chase them, the kids have fun and the cats get some exercise.

The arrow can go up to 35 feet so keep that in mind when you play outdoors, you don’t want to lose it over a fence.

You can purchase the Firetek Zeon Bow online at Amazon.com or at retailers such as Toys R Us, Walmart, Target and Sports Authority. They retail around $19.99.

Firetek Zeon Bow from Zing 2



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