FSM Media Review Policy

FSM Media reviews a lot of products and has been doing so for 14 years. I have a specific way I like to handle reviews. Please read the following for more information.

  • Reviews are free to post but I must receive a non-returnable full-size product(s) with a worth of at least $30 (this can be combined items and does not apply to food items).
  • I am gluten-free but will have my family review non-gluten-free items
  • Review items will not be returned
  • Allow 2-3 weeks for your review to be posted (sometimes earlier, sometimes later depending on dates)
  • The review will be 100% honest
  • If there is a problem with the product I will contact you before posting so you can try to rectify the issue
  • Once the review is posted I will send a link to the post
  • The review post will be shared at my discretion on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and or Instagram

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