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by Dianna Ranere

Product Review: DREO ChefMaker | Revolutionary Combi Fryer Cooking Appliance

Our family LOVES to cook and with that, we love cooking appliances. When one of our favorite companies, DREO, reached out to see if we would like to test out the new ChefMaker a countertop cooker that combines and elevates the features of an ordinary air fryer. Designed with input from master chefs the ChefMaker can automatically adjust moisture, heat, and time to cook food of any shape or size to perfection.


That introduction had us super excited to give the ChefMaker a go. When it arrived we unpacked it and immediately started cooking. The ChefMaker comes with a user manual, a quick start guide, a grilling rack, a cooking tray, and a cook probe. Since we already have a few Dreo products we connected our appliance to the DREO app. where you can control the appliance from your phone. This is a great feature since you will get alerts when your food is finished cooking.

The DREO ChefMaker includes several modes to help you get cooking such as Chef Mode, Classic Cook, and Probe Cook. Once you choose the mode, it will basically walk you through the cooking process telling you what you might need to achieve the perfect cooked product.

Also included in the ChefMaker is the Dual-Point Temperature Cook Probe that can alter cooking in real time based on the level of doneness at the core and on the surface at the same time. The ChefMaker’s unique airflow design enables speedier, more precise browning without damaging your meat’s center.

The first item we chose to cook was chicken breasts and with the help of the Chef Mode and the poultry setting, we were able to make the best-tasting chicken ever! The Chef Mode provides you with 44+ ingredients such as Beef, Poultry, Seafood, and more! Everything you need to make that restaurant-quality meal.

We tried out a few other foods those first few days and tried a few of the preset recipes that were provided in the app. It is just really easy and intuitive to use and super easy to clean up. The non-stick basket was a breeze to clean, as were the cooking tray and grilling rack. No wonder it was the Winner of 2023 CES Innovation Award. Totally well-deserved.

It does everything for you, all you need to do is figure out what you want to make. Once you see how well it cooks your foods, especially your meats, you are gonna fall in love and never want to use your old appliances again. In fact, we primarily use the ChefMaker for all our meats now and I have been experimenting with cooking lots of veggies in various ways. I haven’t been disappointed yet!


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