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by Dianna Ranere

Celebrate Shark Week with a Sale at FossilEra.com

Today marks the beginning of Shark Week! Shark Week started back in 1988 as a way to bring attention to conservation efforts and to dispel some myths about our shark friends. Through this effort, there are more and more Shark lovers who collect any and everything related to sharks.


My niece has loved sharks since she was little, so I am always on the lookout for Shark themed items like the fossil shark teeth they have at FossilEra.com  They have an amazing inventory of all kinds of shark fossils as well as dinosaur fossils, jewelry with fossils, and my favorite polished rocks and crystals. There’s so much more to look at and the prices are great but you need to be quick if you see something you like,  they sell out fast but the good news is they add new inventory daily!



If you are specifically looking for Shark Teeth, might I suggest taking a look at the Megalodon teeth, they are incredible to see, imagine owning one! This Megalodon tooth that is pictured is a sharply serrated, 6.25″ long Megalodon tooth collected from a river in South Carolina.  A tooth this size would have come from a large adult, mega-shark in the 50+ foot size range.


FossilEra.com is hosting a SHARK WEEK SALE on fossil shark teeth starting today, July 11th through the 18th.

**All fossil shark teeth will be 10% off, no discount code needed.**   

I did end up purchasing a piece of jewelry for my niece that I know that she is gonna love. It’s a 1.3″ Palaeocarcharodon Orientalis shark tooth necklace. The tooth was collected at the Phosphate Deposits in the Oulad Abdoun Basin of Morocco. The necklace comes with a 32″ long cord so it’s perfect for gifting. Isn’t it pretty?

When you are on the site, you can search for your favorites by category and then sort by newest, size, and price.  You can also “hide sold” items to give you a better idea of what is in stock. I found it very helpful that on some of the items they list how many are remaining so you can make the decision to place it in your cart so you don’t miss out on it. I did find the site extremely easy to navigate and to find the items I wanted.

They do have other shark teeth that are wire wrapped so that you can make your own necklaces. I may purchase that for her for Christmas since I think she would really like to create her own looks.

Let me know if you order from FossilEra.com I would love to see what you purchased! Enjoy your shark week!



I placed my order with FossilEra on Friday, July 9th and it arrived yesterday, July 12th! I am impressed. Of course, it depends on what you order and where you are located so please keep that in mind.

I was also super impressed with the packaging. Everything was securely packaged and each item included a card with the name a bit of information about the item.

They even sent me a Fossil Mosasaur Tooth as a thank you for being a customer!


The 1.3″ Fossil Shark (Palaeocarcharodon) Tooth Necklace came securely wrapped inside a jewelry box that is perfect for gifting. I was really impressed with the quality and my niece is gonna love it!

Lastly, I ordered lots of gemstones, and as you can see they are all quite spectacular. I wasn’t expecting some of them to be so large!

Remember, they are is hosting a SHARK WEEK SALE on fossil shark teeth through the 18th.

**All fossil shark teeth will be 10% off, no discount code needed.**