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by Dianna Ranere

Simple Home Improvement Tips To Take Your Pad To The Next Level 

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

Over the past year, we’ve all had a lot of time to stare at the four walls of our cramped apartments as our less than desirable roommate wanders around the house naked. It’s been non-stop and has felt like there is no end in sight (trust me, there is, be patient). However, one seed of hope planted in us over corona times is the desire to better ourselves. This can come in many forms: discovering hobbies and passions we never knew we had in us, getting into mindfulness and meditation, and even working on the vegetable patch you’ve always dreamed about. One thing that many people have done that combines our overwhelming sense of boredom, as well as the whole being stuck at home for hours on end, is by sprucing up our homes. While dotting vintage filament lighting all across your crib sounds exciting and fun, it can all get pretty expensive. So here are some simple ways to improve your home and hopefully be happier overall.

Photo by ProFlowers on Flickr


Hanging Plants

An easy way to lift your home out of banality is by introducing a shed load of plants and shoving them in every corner of your rooms. And who can blame you? Indoor plants add color and vibrance to any home, and in the process, we build special unique bonds with them when we water, feed, and tend to them. Most people even go and name their plants. But if you want to step your homemade horticulture up to the next level, consider hanging your potted plants from the ceiling or your walls. Hanging plants add an extra level of fun and visual flair to any home. And it’s relatively easy and inexpensive. Of course, you can buy specially made potted with a hanging element, but as a way to increase the homespun charm and overall excitement, try macrame. Macrame is a form of textile created using knotting. Don’tDon’t get intimidated; it’s actually very easy. Just buy some twine, gather the family, load up an easy tutorial on youtube, and get knotting!


Pet Products

Our pets are just as important to our homes as our families; they are a part of the family. We all want to shower them with goodies and affection; providing our pets with treats and toys also adds to the overall ambiance of the house, almost acting as a form of decor. It makes our homes feel lived in and playful, which is why so many people fill their drab and banal homes with pets, to begin with. Consider investing in a new scratching post or paint and personalize your feeding bowls or even upgrade your french doors with sliding glass door sizes for cats


Homemade Art

Art is expensive. Of course, you could rummage around any local thrift store and find a gem for a bargain. But to introduce an element of the personal and a homemade feel, try picking up some paints, a canvas, and your friends and family and working on whatever you feel like. You may not be Van Gogh, but it’s fun, and you’ll have the pride and joy of knowing you did it yourself.


Whatever you do, make sure you have fun!