3 Simple Ways To Take Self-Care a Notch Higher

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

With the world spinning and life getting more demanding, it’s essential to manage your life by taking care of yourself. One crucial way to do this is to adopt a daily self-care regime that’ll help you unwind, distress, and above all, enjoy your life. Enough with the constant anxiety, stress, and lack of motivation, here are three ways to start making yourself a priority today.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


Contrary to what you might think, clutter doesn’t only mean an untidy space – it also means having many unnecessary things in one place regardless if they’re tidy or not. 

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Perhaps the most common effect of clutter is feeling too embarrassed to host friends and family at home. Because you don’t want people to judge you or think less of you, you’ll resort to hiding out, and eventually, this will significantly affect your confidence.

Furthermore, clutter not only makes your environment look messy, but it also affects your mental health on a subconscious level.  Whether at home or in the office, a cluttered environment limits movements, hindering you from working conveniently. Ultimately, this reduces your productivity and efficiency.

In many ways, decluttering will boost your wellbeing by creating space and allowing you to move on from material things. Also, you’ll maintain higher levels of cleanliness because you’re now able to clean hidden areas like drawers and top shelves regularly.

Besides, once you declutter, you’ll have more space to repurpose for constructive activities like a green room or a yoga room.


Create a Green Room

Relaxation and meditation are essential for stress management. When you constantly feel stressed, exhausted, or can’t seem to get enough rest, it might be because your mind is too overwhelmed.

A green room is essentially a room that helps you get away from a stressful environment so you can relax and calm your mind. Moreover, it’ll boost morale and foster positive feelings, all of which are essential for wellbeing and mental positivity.

Consider repurposing a room by removing all electronics, installing a few pieces of furniture, and putting plants in the room to maximize or give the illusion of more space. By doing so, you’ll trigger positivity that’ll help you cope better with stress.

Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

Maximize on Color

You might not know this, but color has its role in promoting happy feelings, productivity, and overall well being.  For example, green fosters harmony, purple increases creativity, and blue boosts productivity.

While you may not have control of the paint on your office walls, you have enough control over the walls of your house. Since multiple colors have varying benefits, and you can’t possibly paint them all, it’d be best to mull over colors you think will uplift your spirits more.

Consider painting one color on communal rooms and different colors on other rooms. For instance, you can paint your dining room, pathways, and bathroom blue and private rooms like your bedroom orange.

Self-care doesn’t have only to be what you consume; it can also be about what influences your subconscious, like your environment. The above tips are simple yet practical self-care tricks you can use to improve your mental wellbeing.


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