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by Dianna Ranere

Product Review | Sands Alive! Glow

A couple of weeks ago I went to Sweet Suite 15 in Nyc where I met the lovely people at Chizcomm who introduced me to Sands Alive! Glow.

Sands Alive! Glow Unboxing and Review #SandsAlive

Sands Alive! Glow comes from the company Play Visions. This is an indoor no mess play sand that has the most unique feel. It’s hard to explain unless you actually feel it yourself. It is sort of like a hybrid of dough and sand if you can imagine that.

My son Nikolas and I did an unboxing to show you what comes in the box –


You can play with the sand just as you would regular sand by molding it and building with it but then it goes to a whole other level. Put on the included headset that lights up and turn off the light and witness the magic that is Sand Alive! Glow. Use the included UV pen and draw on the sand and watch it glow! You can draw, write your name, or just doodle.

The Sands Alive! Glow sand-charging glasses will help you see the sand and allows you to see how it changes….the sand itself looks white but when the lights are off and your headset is on it  looks purple. Also, different movements will cause different glow reactions.


  • Never Dries Outs
  • Only compound in the market place that has a lab report to prove no bacteria can grow in the sand
  • 100% safe for kids to play with
  • Easy to clean up, non-sticky and won’t stain
  • Molds easily into any shape
  • Unique NON-TOXIC formula that prevents bacterial growth
  • 100% safe if a child ingests the product
  • It is primarily made of natural sand and a natural food grade binding agent.

Sands Alive! Awards

  • Toy of the Year ASTRA
  • Parent Tested, Parent Approved
  • Neighborhood toy stores of Canada Winning Product of 2014
  • 2014 Winnaar Speelgoed van Het Jaar.nl
  • 2014 Top 10 Spielzeug

Check out Nik playing with Sands Alive! Glow in the dark –

Sands Alive! is recommended for children 3 and up. You can find Sands Alive! Glow and other Sands Alive! products on Amazon.com 

Sands Alive! Glow Unboxing and Review #SandsAlive