Review: Make Your Own Chewing Gum
October 19, 2021

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by Dianna Ranere

Review: Make Your Own Chewing Gum

As you know we homeschool our boys, so when I had the opportunity to review Glee Gum’s Make Your Own Gum Kit I jumped at the chance. Not only is the kit fun, it is extremely educational.  Along with all of the ingredients to make your own gum, there is a lesson attached to the instructions. It gives you a bit about the history of gum and an ecological lesson about the Rainforest.

My youngest son, who is 7, and his Dad opened the kit and inside we found chicle gum base, confectioner’s sugar, corn syrup, 2 flavor packets: cinnamon and cherry, a pan for softening the chicle gum base along with the instructions and the story of chicle.  As you can see – all natural ingredients!

The kit is recommended for children 8 and up, but since it was such an awesome kit and didn’t seem too difficult for him, he helped Daddy, who is way over 7, to make the gum. **Don’t mind my son, he is in costume for this project as Yoshi 😉

The first step was to place some of the confectioner’s sugar on a cutting board and to melt the chicle. We chose the microwave, but you can also do it on the stove. While the chicle was melting, we melted the corn syrup in a cup of boiling water that Daddy prepared.  The chicle is very, very sticky once melted and mixed with the corn syrup, so be careful not to get it all over the place, but if you do they provide instructions on how to remove it, which was great.

Once everything is combined we mixed in with some of the confectioner’s sugar much like you would a dough. In fact, you treat it like a dough and knead it to remove any lumps. We then separated it into two different parts and added the flavoring. We used a little of both, so one cherry flavored gum and one cinnamon flavored gum. I was also told by the Glee Gum representative that you can get creative and use flavored juice mixes to create flavors to your liking.

Once everything was kneaded and the flavors were incorporated, it was time to roll it out, just like dough. They rolled it out flat and then Daddy cut into pieces. We all tried a piece of each of the flavors and loved it! We wrapped it up in some wax paper to enjoy later and to share with big brother.

As you can see, we had so much fun making the gum and learned a lot too! This is a wonderful kit for everyone to purchase and share with the children in your lives.

Along with the Make Your Own Gum Kit, you can purchase the Make Your Own Chocolate kit and a Make Your Own Gummies kit on the Glee Gum website. You can also follow the Glee Guy on Twitter and “like” Glee Gum on Facebook.


Disclosure: I was provided the product for review. My opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was exchanged.

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