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by Dianna Ranere

Review: Dragons Of The Valley by Donna K. Paul

The best thing that could ever happen to a homeschooling Mom is when her son “wants” to read on his own without “having” to do so for school. This happened last year with my oldest son. I had purchased him a few books in a series and he devoured them like they were nothing. We started taking him to the library every other day to get the rest of the series and he has completed many more since then.

So a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to review Dragons of the Valley: A Novel by Donita K. Paul.  Seeing dragons and reading a bit of what the story was about, I though it was perfect for my son. Of course, I read the book first, just to be sure, and was pretty sure he would devour this book like he has done the rest.

I was right! He loved it and read it in a matter of a few days.

The book revolves around three statues that are basically holding the world together. Chiril is home to Tipper Schope who has had a hard life and the handsome Prince Jayrus whose plan is to take her away from the hardship but turmoil in Chiril is wreaking havoc.

The story is full of dastardly characters and knights in shining armour and of course, a whole slew of dragons. Overall, the story is very entertaining and well-written, an easy read for young readers. I found myself wanting to learn more about all of the characters.

This is a fantasy novel with a bit of spirituality thrown in, but not too much to overwhelm. My son enjoyed it and I think your children will too, hey, you may even like it as well.

It is recommended for children 12 and up and is actually the second book in a series, although we still read it and had an idea of what happened in the previous book. We are planning on purchasing book 1 and 3 in the series.


Disclosure: I was sent the book to review and to provide my opinion. Compensation was not provided.