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by Dianna Ranere

Product Review | Happy Family Organic SuperFoods

Happy Family Organic SuperFoods Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I have received information and products from Happy Family to facilitate this review and giveaway. No other form of financial compensation was given and the opinions stated are my own.

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Happy Family Organic Superfoods……is committed to providing families with the healthiest, most optimal nutrition possible. Besides using the best organic ingredients, we also incorporate the best nature has to offer, like our sustainable source of DHA, pre and probiotics, and supergrains like Salba and Quinoa.


Happy Family Organic offers products for babies, toddlers, children, and adults. I knew that they offered products for little ones but never knew that they had products for adults. I was sent a few products to try, and am very impressed. I also gave them to my children, they are older, but loved all the products just as much as I did. So there really isn’t an age cut-off point at all.


First I tried the happy squeeze Greek yogurt. Truth be told I get scared when I see Greek yogurt, I just know it’s gonna be sour and that will be it.  Not the case with this yogurt, although it did have a bit of a twang, it was smoother than I anticipated. I really think this would be a great addition to my breakfast routine, it’s quick, easy, and is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. PLUS, I am really bad at eating breakfast, so this is an easy way for me to work on that.


 Next I tried the happytot super toddler bars. I know, it’s for toddlers, but it is so good anyone can eat these bars!

The main reason I tried them is they are gluten free and I don’t have very many options when it comes to a snack bar.

The Organic Mixed Berry Crunch Super Toddler Bar is made with organic whole grain brown rice, and 35mg of Omega-3 (ALA) from Salba® The SUPER Chia.

It was really good, and very flavorful. I think this is the perfect snacks for kids and adults!



You can take a look at all of the great products that Happy Family Organic Superfoods has to offer.


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