FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Going Through Hell To Get To The Other Side

I’ve been wanting to write about my funk since I have been in its grip for quite some time now. One thing and one thing only has prevented me, pride…….

My husband and I have been going through some really tough times lately, from a predatory lending fiasco with our mortgage company therefore facing foreclosure, (they just raised our mortgage and will not refinance even though they promised to drop the rate and now are refusing) to the job market sucking and our transmission going up in our one and only vehicle, to the worry and stress about a mystery illness my sister has and everything that comes along with all of that.

I feel beat down and defeated, although I know I need to fight as much as I can to change the situation. My husband and I are good people and we struggle with the fact that good people have bad things happen to them where seemingly bad people get the breaks. Although, probably not true, it still seems that way.

My pride has kept me from probably solving some of the issues because I feel ashamed that we have gotten to this point. We hit a rough patch when the economy collapsed just like millions of other people but we can’t seem to dig out of the hole it put us into, as soon as we peep a pinpoint of light at the end of the tunnel, another black cloud moves in.

I am not asking for pity, I just need to get this out for the people who might be in the same situation. It’s an incredibly dark place to be and although we don’t have hardly anyone to turn too and are fighting this fight essentially alone, I still feel the need to reach out to others who may be going through similar situations. That’s just me, I tend to try and help others even when I am going through issues myself.

I guess my point is to not be ashamed, things happen, I have faith that our situation will turn around, even if we do have to go through hell to get there.

PS Just so you know, it took a lot of huevos for me to post this 🙂