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by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Gift Guide: Introducing the NEW eufy Pet Dog Camera D605!

I have two dogs, two large dogs that have separation anxiety whenever my husband and I leave the house. This is usually reported back to us by our sons who are left to hear both of them whine and cry for us, loudly. We have tried giving them bones to keep them busy and although they do work for a small amount of time, they will go back to whining after they finish with them.

eufy Pet Dog Camera D605

The people from eufy reached out wanting to send me their brand new dog camera, the eufy Pet Dog Camera D605. This security camera is not only a camera so you can watch your pet while you are gone, it also has a voice option so you can talk to your pets! That’s not all, so while you are watching your pet, and talking to them to calm them down, you also have the ability to dispense treats to them for being a good boy or girl.

The eufy Pet Dog Camera D605 comes with everything you need to get started. The Dog Camera D605, power adapter and quick start guide. Once you plug in the camera, you will download the app from the app store and it will help guide you through set-up and using the camera.

Setting up the camera was easy, simply plug it into the wall, download the app, then scan the bottom of the camera to get started. You will need to connect to your wifi to detect the device. One thing I did notice was that my husband and I couldn’t connect at the same time, if we did, it would kick one of us out. The company assured me that they are working on having multi-device logins.

The camera has a 170° Rotation: 1080p 2.5X zoom lens which makes for some really great footage. It also has a built-in AI Detection & Auto-Tracking so you can be alerted with any movement, barking, whining, or any mischief. Both of my dogs now know that when the camera starts moving that either treats are gonna come out or Mommy and Daddy are gonna talk to them.

Another great feature is the night vision feature that allows you to see your pets at night. This will come in handy if you have night owls that like to get into trouble while you are sleeping.

Now the fun part, the treats! To fill the dispenser, all you need to do is take off the top of the camera and load in your dog’s favorite goodies. However, the treats must be small enough to come out of the dispenser, which for us was a bit more difficult since we have large dogs, hence large treats. We tried breaking up milk bones and that did work, but they had to be very little, we also tried dog kibble which worked perfectly but was not much of a treat. We also tried cat treats (Fancy Feast) which worked like a charm and the dogs think is a special treat. That should give you an idea of how little the treats need to be.

There is a reminder feature that will alert you when you need to refill the treats, as well as an anti-clog design so they don’t get stuck and the food holder is dishwasher safe. There are 3 launch distances to choose from, but a word of warning, if the treats are little they will go everywhere BUT for the dogs, this wasn’t a problem, they liked having a little treasure hunt. They also liked hearing us alert them to treats. You can record whatever sound you’d like to alert them that treats are coming.

Overall, I really love the eufy Pet Dog Camera D605, not only for the fun features but for the peace of mind it gives us when we can’t be home with the dogs.

Be among the very first people to purchase the eufy Pet Dog Camera D605 as it just came out today! You can find it on Amazon and on eufylife. $249.99  

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