December 10, 2023

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by Dianna Ranere

Product Review | Calm by Wellness Magnesium Transdermal Roller

I have a chronic pain condition, a couple, so there isn’t a day that goes by that I am not experiencing some kind of pain. It can be a lot on me mentally unless I can find ways to help with the pain. I refuse to take prescription pain medications for two reasons, I don’t believe in them because I have seen what they can do to people as far as getting addicted and they almost always are way too strong for me and make me feel worse than the pain does. No thank you.

I prefer to find natural ways to help with the pain like CBD, menthol, lidocaine, and magnesium products. I’m especially fond of magnesium since it helps with not only my migraines but also helps calm my muscles so I can sleep at night. I bought a magnesium lotion for the pain in the legs and was surprised at how much it really does relieve the pain and also helps with restless legs syndrome, which I get from time to time.

So when Calm by Wellness reached out and wanted to review one of their products I chose the Magnesium Transdermal Roller. First off, I love that this is a roller, it’s so convenient. A tip for first-time users, you might need to squeeze the bottle to get the lotion onto the roller the first few times. This happens because the lotion is a little thick.

The lotion absorbs into the skin immediately and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. There is a scent, but I find it very pleasant, unlike a lot of the menthol products out there.

Key Benefits:

  • To help relieve muscle soreness
  • Fighting depression
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Acting as an anti-inflammatory


Lots of people may have a magnesium deficiency and not even know it. This deficiency can lead to weakness, fatigue, and even depression. The best way to adsorb magnesium and replenish your body’s supply is through a transdermal application like this product offers.

Magnesium has many benefits including soothing muscles, fighting depression, lowering blood pressure, and acting as an anti-inflammatory. Our magnesium is sourced from the ancient Zechstein seabeds, giving you the most pure, unadulterated form of magnesium available on planet Earth.

The Magnesium Transdermal Roller also contains 200mg of Hemp.

Hemp extract binds to the receptors in the brain responsible for mood, sleep and appetite, imitating serotonin. It can be used as a treatment for many ailments such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and epilepsy.

I used the roller on my hand and wrists for my carpal and at night on the bottoms of my feet and on my legs to help relax them and it worked like a charm. I also used it on my neck when I had a persistent headache and I felt relief within 15 minutes.

I definitely recommend the Magnesium Transdermal Roller for those of you that don’t want to deal with all the side effects of prescription meds. I would also suggest checking out all of the other products that Calm by Wellness has to offer. I am also a fan of their line of CBD Tinctures.



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