November 29, 2023

FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Why Daredevil is Still the Best Superhero Show

Marvel's Daredevil Patrick Harbron/Netflix

The world is currently amid a superhero craze that shows no signs of stopping. This is not unlike the gambling industry as online casinos have caused it to soar and players who enjoy playing at casinos can access some of the choices found here to be in with the chance of winning large sums of money. One only needs to look at the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get an understanding of how much the world loves a superhero. Thinking back on it, this was always likely to happen. Every kid dreams of being a superhero, and it is a fantasy that many will carry even in their adult life. This is why the world enjoys consuming media that revolves around superheroes; it allows many to live out their childhood fantasies.

This all arguably started with the Spider-Man films directed by Sam Raimi that came out in the 00s. Today, there is an influx of superhero films and TV shows, and no one can say that they are not popular. Seeing as how there is a sea of superhero media, it can be difficult to pick out the best of the bunch. This is certainly true for the medium of films, arguably where the superhero genre made its modern debut. However, when it comes to TV shows, there is one example that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Marvel’s Daredevil Patrick Harbron/Netflix

Daredevil is a character that exists in the Marvel universe but was originally unheard of until the film adaption was released in 2003. Following this, Daredevil became known but perhaps for the wrong reasons seeing as how the film was both a critical and commercial tank. However, Daredevil got a new lease of life when it was adapted as a show and streamed from Netflix in 2015. Following the first season of this show, it became clear to the world that this is what a quality superhero show should look like, and it instantly set the standard for the genre.

Even if one were to take away the superhero elements of the show, it is still excellent television that will appeal to most people. The basic premise of Daredevil is the struggle of Matt Murdock to protect the city and the ones he loves while dealing with the high pressure of being a lawyer. The dramatic conflict between these two roles should be clear. Despite practicing and living by the law by day, he actively contradicts and even breaks it by night by donning the Daredevil persona. This creates the drama that never seems to die down even across whole seasons.

This is not to mention the wonderful cinematography that is present in all seasons of the show. Those who have not seen Daredevil might remember the particular attention that one scene got as it shows a continuous take of action that sees Daredevil fight like a real human would – he gets tired, he throws wild punches, and he takes hard hits. At its core, Daredevil is grounded, and that’s what keeps people engaged.

One could mention the impeccable acting, the memorizing music, or the compelling story, but this would be inconsequential. By now, it should be clear to all that Daredevil is the greatest superhero show of our time.