Top Tips To Stay Calm In Your New Job

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Starting a new job can be anxiety-inducing. Research conducted by the behavioral and cognitive psychologist, Dr. Shane Owens demonstrates that anxiety and worries are common when beginning a new job or the first day after a big promotion. However, there are things you can do to reduce your anxiety levels before your first day. Here are some helpful hints to help you stay calm and make the right impression on your first day. 

Prepare The Night Before

 Mentally rehearsing before a big event is a tool that many high-level executives and athletes use as it allows our mind to work out where there may be potential threats and what you can do to mitigate them. Taking time to positively imagine how your first day will go, helps your mind prepare for what you expect and it will also help you stay calm if something unexpected happens. By considering threats, such as running late due to a canceled bus or a traffic jam, then you are allowing your brain to consider the options and make decisions calmly rather than on the spot and in a moment of panic. Once you have imagined what your first day will be like trying to switch off with a relaxing activity like reading a book. This will help you get a good night’s sleep which is crucial for feeling alert and fresh the next day. 

Know What You Are Doing

Preparation isn’t all about practical things like what clothes you might wear and what route you will take to work. In the weeks leading up to the new job, you should research the role and what is expected of you. Take time to re-read any documents you might have such as your application and the job advert. If you feel you need more information contact your new employer and ask for any useful documents such as a business structure chart or the business’s policy documents. Read things through a few times to make sure you fully understand them. 

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Time To Switch Off 

Your instinct might be to try and work extra hard in the first few days to show your employers how dedicated you are. But this might set an unhealthy precedent that you cannot keep up. If you are working all hours of the day this may eventually result in you burning out. You need to fully switch off at the end of a working day so that you can tackle things with a fresh mind the next morning. At the end of the day, try to leave your work at your office. Find a way to gently unwind in the evening so you feel replenished the next day. A gentle method of unwinding is with Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Another great way to unwind is to spend time in the kitchen preparing a healthy meal. 

Ask Questions

Your colleagues may have worked in the company for longer than you and their experience may feel daunting. But it can be a huge advantage for you if you utilize it fully. Ask them a few simple questions in your first few days. Even simple questions like what nearby coffee shop is the best could begin a conversation that will help you develop your professional relationship. Asking for advice in the first few days is also a good way to demonstrate that you value their experience and you are willing to learn from it. 


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