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by Dianna Ranere

New Preschool Series “TIMMY TIME” Premieres on Playhouse Disney 9/13/10 *Sneak Peek Tonight 9/7/10

Aardman’s new preschool series, TIMMY TIME, will be premiering on Playhouse Disney on Monday, September 13th (check your local listings for times). BUT you can catch a sneak peek of one of the episodes, “Go Kart Timmy,” tonight 9/7 on Playhouse Disney after the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally special.

I had no clue who “Timmy” was until I showed his picture to my boys who immediately recognized him as being the baby sheep from the hit children’s series “Shaun The Sheep.” I have to admit that upon seeing Timmy’s picture I was in love with him already 🙂 I’m a sucker for cute little animals.

TIMMY TIME is geared toward preschool children and with its stop-motion animation, is also a hit with slightly older kids. This series follows Timmy as he discovers all sorts of new adventures as he enters into preschool. Just like any other child entering into school for the first time, Timmy will learn some very valuable lessons like playing nicely with others, sharing and adjusting to his new world as a preschooler, just like the children who will love watching this new series.
Children who are preschool age will not only enjoy watching TIMMY TIME but they will love helping Timmy as he learns a few lessons along the way. One of the main differences from other series geared towards little ones, is that TIMMY TIME doesn’t have human dialogue telling the store, instead Timmy uses expressions and gestures that are unique to the show and also very entertaining to watch. Children will want to shout out to the TV the right things for Timmy to do.


Timmy fans can look forward to his first DVD release in early 2011 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.  Timmy toys will also be available in Spring 2011 from JAKKS Pacific.


Let me know if you watched the sneak peek and what you thought of it.