The Art of Writing Comic Books
September 16, 2021

FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

The Art of Writing Comic Books

Just like writing a book or a short story, writing a comic takes imagination, intriguing characters, and a creative story to tell. Just coming up with a creative story is hard enough, but imagine having to visualize your characters and getting them down on paper as well. Then imagine telling your story with a limited amount of words that fit into comic bubbles.

If you were given the challenge of writing a comic, you would quickly understand just how creative a person you have to be to pull it all together. Maybe writing comes easy to you, but you can’t draw a stick figure. Maybe drawing is your talent, but you don’t have a story to tell. You may be able to write and illustrate an entire comic all on your own. But if not, collaborating with another artist will pull both of your talents together to create an imaginative animation.

Writing a Comic Book

If you take on this comic book writing challenge and you begin writing, remember that it is a visual story. You won’t be writing a bunch of words describing the action and the characters’ feelings, so you will have to be precise and efficient in how you write to get the story across. Your characters also have to be creative. Whether they are superheroes or villains or just an average person going through tribulation and triumph, your characters have to pull the reader in and keep them there.

Writers like Geoff Johns have written comics for years. With a new series out called Geiger, the action-packed writing and illustrating is a great example of artistic abilities coming together to entertain readers.


Illustrating a Comic Book

Not only is the writing portion of the comic book an art form, but the illustration of the comic book is an art form. With the telling of the story being done in short, precise paragraphs, the illustration of the feelings and actions of the characters and the setting and background of the story must be compelling and tell what is going on that the words can’t tell.

Continuing on with the comic book challenge, now you have to illustrate all the characters in relation to the storyline, their feelings, and their actions. And each new page will show a new part of the storyline, new feelings, and new actions that move the story forward.

Pulling a comic together is an artistic process that draws writers and illustrators together. If taking the comic book challenge isn’t something you want to pursue, then the next time you see a comic book, pick it up and leaf through the pages. Take special notice of the detail and efficiency of the writing and the illustrations and how they come together to capture the reader’s attention to tell an intriguing story. Turn each page to see how you as the reader are taken through the storyline page by page and note how the story comes together through short comic bubbles and illustrations. You will quickly understand how much talent these writers and illustrators have.

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