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by Dianna Ranere

Relieve Chronic Pain Without Prescription Meds | Is It Possible?

Photo by Haley Lawrence on Unsplash


Chronic pain affects far too many people than it should. In a world that’s become dominated by technology, we’ve seen both positive and negative repercussions in relation to pain. People spend more time than ever sat at computer desks, leading to all sorts of postural issues, causing chronic pain in the younger generation. The flip side of this is that technology has also helped us find more natural cures for chronic pain. 

                   Does this mean you can seek pain relief without resorting to prescription medication? For many, popping pills to ease your pain is an unnatural approach. It doesn’t even address the main problem, meaning temporary relief is all you get. This creates an unhealthy cycle where you depend on the medication to ease the pain. Instead, you should consider these alternatives, offering a natural approach to chronic pain relief:

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Percussion Therapy

Percussion therapy is all the rage these days, and it offers a fantastic way of easing lots of pain around the body. You’ve probably heard of Theragun, right? Or you may have seen other massage guns of the same ilk? In essence, these tools use percussion therapy to loosen muscles and encourage blood flow around the body. 

How does it work?

Well, the idea is that these massage tools provide a continued pulse of pressure to your body. You can usually alter the speed with which these pulses are generated, and you have an option of different attachments to put on the end of the ‘gun.’ From here, the attachment basically slaps against your body over and over again, creating an almost vibrated feeling. What’s happening is the tool is rapidly hitting your muscles, encouraging them to relax. This also leads to more blood flowing to the site, further loosening the muscles and easing your pain.

If you suffer from muscle knots and chronic pain, this is a way of activating your body’s natural defence system and stimulating your CNS. It can ease pain instantly, while also getting you ready to do some corrective stretching that solves the problem forever. 

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

PEMF is one of the most revolutionary therapies in the field of pain relief. Essentially, an electromagnetic field is created and gently pulsed through your body. It’s believed that, when your body is exposed to this, it creates a whole host of benefits. This includes increased pain threshold, detoxification, white blood cell boost, improved circulation, and much more. 

In short, it can help to ease a lot of chronic pain in your body. These days, you can find the best PEMF devices online, and most of them are fairly portable. Back in the day, you could only use this technology in professional settings with huge machines. Now, it’s a viable alternative to prescription medication when fighting chronic pain. 

Both of these options give you a better chance of relieving chronic pain that prescription meds ever could. They tackle the source of the problem and stimulate natural responses in your body to fight against the pain. Therefore, it’s very much possible to free yourself from pain without resorting to medication.