Peanuts Series Premiere on Boomerang #Review 2

I had the pleasure of viewing the premiere episode of ‘Peanuts’ airing tomorrow, May 9th at 11 am est. Now before you worry, this is not a brand “NEW” Peanuts, all of our favorites are still there, Charlie, Snoopy, Lucy, etc. just think of it as a new spin on an old favorite.

Peanuts Series Premiere on Boomerang #Review

Produced by France’s Normaal for France Televisions with Peanuts Worldwide, the 500 shorts based on the comic-strip by Charles Schulz

Now imagine if you will, while reading the Peanuts comic strip, it comes to life. That is exactly how this TV series feels. It’s not like the old specials in that it’s a continuous show with scenes that flow into one another, this is just like reading a comic strip, and you actually move from one comic box to another comic box, just like in the paper.

Peanuts Series Premiere on Boomerang #Review 1

The animation is amazing and captures the classic feel of Peanuts.  Don’t worry about things being different, they stayed true to the original characters, the only thing that may seem a little different are the voices, but not enough to distract you. I really enjoyed the first show of the series and will definitely be watching the entire series.

Catch the premiere of Peanuts on Boomerang on May 9th at 11:30 a.m. EST/8:30 a.m. PT!