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by Dianna Ranere

Online Entertainment to Push Forward Despite Hiccup

One of the biggest changes to be made to online entertainment came at the end of last year with the announcement that major cinema releases may look to find their way to online streaming services throughout the next few years with HBO Max, Warner Bros, and Disney all leading the way – it come as other major forms of entertainment have done the same particularly with betting and gambling for instance as sports interaction bonus code to bet online amongst many other options as gaming has found its online home through mobile. With this change however there was inevitably going to be some teething issues, and they’re certainly showing now with the lawsuit against Disney for the release of Black Widow – but will online streaming continue to push forward despite this?

Image from variety.com

As it stands, all signs currently point towards further success being found as the approach by Disney in particular and their “Premiere Access” approach seems to have worked extremely well – charging an additional fee to gain access to movies much earlier may have been a genius move if people are willing to pay for the privilege of doing so, and in the current situation with “Black Widow” and Disney’s defence being that they haven’t done anything to breach any initial contract or stipulation that a minimum time may be required, they could certainly be in the clear.

If anything, this change may lead to some talent being less willing to sign on to a movie if there is any plan to have it release straight to a streaming service alongside the cinema, as many of the big stars get additional points based on box office success and could be a huge cut in earnings for some, and there have been some outspoken directors who’ve voiced opinions at the dislike of this change and how it may take away from the cinematic experience that is planned with a theatrical release. Once the world goes back to normal, it may not be surprising to see cinema attendance on the rise once again, but at the same time it’s almost inevitable that online options will continue to grow in popularity as services become more accessible and the library of latest releases do the same too.

It was inevitable that there would be some friction once the change first came about so it’s not at all surprising that the first case would come from something like a huge Marvel movie release, there will no doubt be other instances that come up in the near future too as the entertainment industry goes through the adjustment period for the first major change in quite some time, but if you’re looking to keep enjoying new online streaming options, it’ll certainly look to continue into the future too.