Nutrisystem Week 19 Update ~ Emotional Eater #NSNation

Week 19 on  Nutrisystem has come and gone and it seems like the weeks are flying by. It’s time for a little retrospective……

19 weeks of being on Nutrisystem has presented some highs and some lows, I have been down the scale and up the scale, been happy, and I’ve been sad. This is all normal on this kind of journey, it is quite emotional, as anyone who had ever been on a diet can tell you.

I have learned a lot about myself, and what my triggers are. Just the other night I was angry and disappointed about a recent occurrence and my first reaction was to eat something. Normally I would have caved in and just ate something but this time I waited it out, I needed to let my body catch up to the emotions and realized what I was doing…eating to fill an emotion. This is not new information, I knew this is what I did in the past, only this time I was more aware of it and best of all, I stopped it.

Ugh, it happens, we as women are emotional beings, and this is how many of us deal. It’s almost like the emotions take over and you step out of your body while it’s happening.

So while I haven’t lost as much weight as I thought I would at this point in the game (everyone loses at different rates, and I know this :), I am impressed with myself that I have hung in this long. Nutrisystem makes it easy to stay interested and motivated, if you have a bad week, you just start over the next week with all of the tools provided to you.

This week I lost another pound, I am slowly but surely making my way to that 20 pound mark, holding at 18.8 pounds lost.  That is about 1 pound per week, so right on target.

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Please visit some of the fabulous people I have the pleasure of sharing this experience with and cheer them on too!

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Disclosure: The Nutrisystem Program has provided me with four months of food and support services free of charge, to facilitate an honest review while participating in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program. All opinions are 100% my own.

1 thought on “Nutrisystem Week 19 Update ~ Emotional Eater #NSNation

  1. Hey Di!
    You are doing great. One pound per week is a safe and healthy steady rate. You are less than 2 pounds away from your goal! You are very brave to be sharing this journey with so many folks. Many people who do this don’t want to share any information at all. Good for you!
    Keep up the great work, your goal is in sight! xoxoxo

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