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by Dianna Ranere

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle #MrCleanMorePower #ad

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Mr. Clean and SheSpeaks. The comments and views are my 100% my own and may differ from yours. 

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle #MrCleanMorePower #spon

I am all about cleaning with the right tools, by that I mean I want to be able to clean using the right cleaning agents and something that won’t have me going back over and cleaning it again. Know what I mean? There are just so many products that just don’t do the job properly the first time.

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle #MrCleanMorePower #spon

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle is a new product that I was happy to try and add to my Mr. Clean arsenal of products.  


With 2.5x more power in every drop*, this innovative liquid gel penetrates dirt and lifts it away. Plus, the unique auto-stop cap ensures that you get the right amount of product you need to clean. Mr. Clean knows the importance of not only looking great, but smelling great too. That’s why he added the scent of Gain to Liquid Muscle for a clean that’s as fresh and clean as any of his 136 white T-shirts. Dilute it in water or apply directly to a sponge or surface. Either way, it packs a lot of muscle for such a small bottle, so less is wasted.


Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle #MrCleanMorePower #spon


Here are just a few places I HATE to clean, the toilet, the tub and the sink, all of these are in the bathroom, so you might as well say that I hate cleaning the bathroom period! In our house it just seems like it’s the messiest room, and I feel like I am constantly cleaning it, which in reality, I am.

What room in your house could benefit from Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle?

I decided to use the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle on all of my least favorite areas by using it directly on a sponge. I am not a fan of buckets, but you can dilute some of the product using a bucket to get even more volume for heavily soiled areas.

The first thing I noticed is the scent, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle is made with Gain, which I love, and I love the scent. Some cleaners smell so harsh and make me feel light-headed,  and I don’t feel good using them around my family and pets. I do recommend that you wear gloves when using a sponge, the scent is strong enough that it will linger on your hands.

To clean the toilet I used a sponge to get all around the outside, the floor around it, and the seat itself. I then squirted some directly in the bowl and used the toilet brush to give it a good clean. The tub and sink just required a good scrubbing with the sponge, and it sparkled. I plan on diluting some in a water bottle to spray on the floor and use my steam cleaner to get it super clean and smelling fresh.

Do you have any cleaning tips that help you stay ahead of the messes?  

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle is a multi-purpose cleaner, so you can use it wherever messes pop up!


Mr. Clean

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