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by Dianna Ranere

The Middle, Season Two on DVD/Blu-ray Now!


The Heck family returns for Season Two, bringing them 24 episodes of offbeat fun with one foot in reality and the other on a greasy wrapper from Burgerworld. Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn star as Frankie and Mike Heck, frazzled parents trying to stretch their patience and paychecks around three brilliantly true-to-life kids: Axl, whose latest dream girl has tattoos, body piercings and pink hair; Sue, who’s thrilled to come in eighth (out of eight) in Square Dancing with the Stars; and Brick, the only kid who has his birthday party at the public library. 

Do you watch The Middle? My oldest son and I watch it every week and I have to say, we can see a little bit of our family in theirs, can’t you? I think we all go through similar situations, like deciding which child’s sports game to go to, or some other of the million events they seem to have.  Has this ever happened to you and your family, or have too many events and too little time? How did you resolve it?

I’ll be purchasing Season Two of The Middle for sure. Our favorite character out of all of them is Brick, the way he whispers to himself cracks us up every time we see it.  And how kind of sad, but funny that he had his birthday at the library? Speaking of Brick, did you see Patricia Heaton’s former cast-mate Doris Roberts as Ms. Rinsky? Love that they brought her on, the chemistry is still there!

The Middle is to me, real, funny and a must watch, with not a lot of TV for my kids to watch and enjoy with me, I look forward to watching it every week, and now with the Season 2 DVD release, we won’t have to wait!

Pick up The Middle, Season Two on DVD/Blu-ray Today!

Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Middle Season Two on DVD.