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by Dianna Ranere

Loving The Stuffing Out Of a Best Friend

I had told you guys in the post for the Zylie giveaway about my affinity for Teddy Bears and wanted  to explain why. When I was born I was given a Teddy Bear by an Aunt, in fact, every newborn in the family was given a Teddy Bear as a welcome to the world gift.


My sister, who is two years older received a Teddy that was golden in color with jointed arms, legs and head, as did all of the babies before me. When I was born the wrong Teddy arrived. He was dark brown, didn’t have jointed arms, legs or head. My Aunt wanted to send it back immediately, but my Mother, being the smart woman she was said no. You see, she figured that if we had two different bears, the likelihood that we would fight over them as we got older would be nil. If we had two that looked the same, well then you know what would have happened.


So from the time I was born until now, almost 40 years later, “Bear” (I never gave him a name although he was always a “he”) never left my side, he was my best friend, he was with me every day, night, on trips and even when I moved out on my own at 20. As you can imagine, Bear took one heck of a beating and was operated on quite a few times by my Mother. He has the scars to prove it.


At 19 I met my husband to be and by 1994 we were living together. While unpacking his things one night, he brought out his “Bear” which was also just called “Bear.” He started to tell me that he had Bear since he was born and to that I found my “Bear” and told him that mine had been with me just as long. Our Bears looked so much alike, the missing fur, the open wounds with stuffing falling out, the countless sewing scars, it was really strange but with the both of us being born in the same year, 1970, it sort of fit that they were so similar.

In my mushy heart, I like to think that our “Bears” were brought together by us or maybe it was the other way around.


WARNING! The following pictures are not for the faint hearted, there are open wounds and various innards coming out, beware! 😉