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by Dianna Ranere

Looking Stylish In 6 Steps

Photo by Marcus Ganahl on Unsplash

If you struggle to know what looks good together and find that more than one of your outfits is a miss rather than a hit, here are some tips that can help you dress up and show out when you have to. 


Almost all of us have a mishmash wardrobe filled with too many clothes. Some things don’t fit, others have never been worn, and some should’ve seen the donation pile long ago. 

Sometimes dressing well is about having fewer options. Cutting to a capsule wardrobe will mean you don’t need to stress about getting dressed – because everything in the capsule goes together. 


If your undergarments are ill-fitting, or your bra straps are showing, you will feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. Be mindful of what you are wearing, and get undergarments that support, shape and help the clothing, and you look your best. Shaping underwear and a comfortable strapless bra can be your new best friend.

Personal style 

Finding your personal style might take some time, and it is something that might evolve over time too. You might find that the white jeans and heels of the past don’t fit how you feel anymore. 

Finding your personal style can be a lot of fun; you can create a Pinterest board and start picking outfit inspiration and looks that you like. 

You’ll quickly see that there are some common themes. It might be the color, or it could be the style. 

And once you have that defined, you can start donating and selling your current set of clothing and adding new items to your wardrobe. 

Play with textures, styles, colors and fit. 

Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash


Do you find that you stick to black and dark colors, not because you want to, but because you aren’t sure how to use color? Start by color blocking or adding a single pop of color into your outfits with accessories like sunglasses, scarves, and jewelry. 

The more you start playing with color, the quicker you will be able to piece together your style and the colors that compliment you best. 


The proportions of your outfit are where the harmony and aesthetics come from. Oversized shirts look oversized when paired with tighter jeans. But with oversized shorts? A different look altogether. 

Wide leg jeans and fitted tops, puffball shoulders, batwings and more can bring an interesting silhouette to what you are wearing. 

Balancing proportions and cut of clothing with your own proportions is something that can take some practice, but once you find what you love – you’ll enjoy playing with new styles. 

Shop better

If you go shopping with the idea, you want to buy clothing but aren’t sure what, you will buy things you don’t need and don’t even want. Money that could’ve been better spent on a well-planned item of higher quality. 

Plan what you want, what other items it will look good with, and even where you will wear it. 

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