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by Dianna Ranere

Interview: Simon Pegg Chats About His New Film “Luck” Debuting on AppleTV+ August 5th

From Apple Original Films comes the story of Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest person in the world, who when she stumbles into the never-before-seen Land of Luck, sets out on a quest to bring some good luck home for her best friend. But with humans not allowed her only chance is teaming up with the magical creatures who live there to do it. “Luck” is produced by Skydance Animation.  

Simon Pegg and Bob from AppleT+ LUCK

In the film, Simon Pegg plays Bob, a black cat who lives in the Land of Luck, a place where good luck and bad luck coexist. In the movie, a lucky penny plays a huge role, so I wondered if Simon had any lucky charms of his own or any superstitions that he still believes in. “I think I was definitely more superstitious when I was younger. I think we are almost naturally superstitious and we look for patterns everywhere. I was a bit more inclined to do that until I got older. But definitely as a younger person, I was always very superstitious about magpies, which in the UK if you see one Magpie it’s considered bad luck if you see two it’s good luck.” I found that to be so interesting since I have a similar superstition about seeing crows.

Again, thinking about good luck and bad luck Simon went on to say, “I just love the concept of the worlds of good and bad luck and how sort of extraordinarily complex and beautiful and intricate they were. I think luck is something that we create for ourselves. I think the idea that something else is in control of our lives and we don’t really have any responsibility for our actions…. I don’t believe that, I believe that luck is what we make. I think that’s part of what this film teaches, in a really sweet way, the positivity you put into the world can often come back at you in the form of what feels like good luck, but at the end of the day, it was you that did it.

Bob played by Simon Pegg

In the film, his character Bob has a thick Scottish brogue, which if you are a fan of Simon and his work, you know he does a fantastic Scottish accent, proof being in his portrayal in Star Trek Beyond as the iconic Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott. We learned why he loves doing that particular accent, “I love getting to do a Scottish accent because my wife is Scottish. So I get in her good books for doing that. As long as I do it. Well, if I don’t and it’s the opposite.

As with all characters an actor takes on, they often add parts of themselves into the character, with Bob Simon was quick to say that he is kind of grumpy like Bob and relates to him being solitary. “Sometimes he just wants to be by himself and he learns that that’s probably not the right thing to do. I feel like that sometimes I know what it’s like to be like, don’t bother me right now. But I also know the value of having friends and that kind of support network is very important. Definitely his kind of mischievous side. That was very much me. Slight impatience. I’m more like Bob than I realized.

“Luck” premieres globally on Apple TV+ on August 5, 2022 so we wanted to know what he thought was one thing that young viewers would take away from the film, and he replied, “I think the lovely thing about this film is that you make your own luck by putting love into the world. The more you express, the more you get back. I think, really, at the end of the day, the characters, they make their luck, and they do so by being the best individuals that they can be and that’s the best thing we can teach our kids right now is to be kind is to put positivity out in the world, to treat people as you want to be treated and you’ll find that that’s when the good luck starts to come back to you.

You can watch the full interview with Simon below.


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