FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

“Everything Old Is New Again” STOP IT ALREADY!

It’s no big secret that I am a child of the 80’s, I remember it fondly and like to preserve those memories of all the “awesome” toys, cartoons, movies and music…….however, it seems that the powers that be find “my 80’s” to be somewhat of a recyclable era.

Let me elaborate……….the newest 80’s rehash is the new Karate Kid movie, they have remade this classic with Will Smith’s kid Jaden Smith – ok, first mistake, Jaden is 10, yes he is an extremely cute little ten year old, but 10, really? Ralph Macchio was a teenager and to me, is way more believable than a 10 year old fighting bullies. And what about the love interest??? Elizabeth Shue’s original character Ali has no place in this new movie…….a movie about a ten year old, bleh.

Then there’s Jackie Chan as the Mr. Miyagi-like character (no, his name isn’t even Mr. Miyagi), although I like Jackie Chan, Pat Morita is the ONE AND ONLY KARATE KID INSTRUCTOR, PERIOD.  How many of us learned our moves from Mr. Miyagi? “Wax On, Wax Off.” *SIGH*

Oh, and don’t get me started on my Johnny….yes, the guy we all loved to hate, him and his minion of evil teenage sidekicks…… William Zabka was aces as Johnny and always will be…….

I could go on and on about this remake and also about the millions of other 80’s classics that Hollywood has tried to make into modern day masterpieces but I won’t. I know you die-hard 80’s kids, (now closer to 40 then we’d like to admit) won’t buy into this drivel. This movie will fail, and fail horribly, you just can’t mess with perfection……Oh, if they ever try to remake The Breakfast Club with some god awful reality stars, I may be forced to visit Hollywood and set someone straight with my ORIGINAL Karate Kid moves by sweeping someones leg!

Watch the following video for a proper homage to the Karate Kid, tongue and cheek, of course 🙂