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by Dianna Ranere

How To Set Up Your Gaming Space

Photo by Chuck Fortner on Unsplash

Gaming is hugely popular and having a gaming setup to boast about is all part of the fun. As well as looking incredible, a decent gaming setup helps you to stay comfy while you’re cramming in the hours on your favorite games. Therefore, we’ve put together this short guide on how to create the perfect space.

The Right Chair

Gaming is all fun and games but if you’ve got the wrong chair it can turn into agony and a trip to the ER. Having a proper computer chair is important because it will provide neck and lumbar support and let you adjust the height and tilt. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a chair to get maximum comfort levels, as you can spend as little as $50. However, if you want your money to stretch further, we suggest investing slightly more.

A Desk to Compliment

There’s no point having the comfiest computer chair if your gaming computer desk doesn’t complement it. There are countless desks to choose from and they will provide different levels of quality and storage space. The desk you choose will need to be set at the perfect height, so make sure you do your homework; the wrong desk could mean losing out on an important win.

A Powerful Desktop

Once you’ve got a desk and quality chair, you need to find a desktop computer, which will provide you with hours of fun. The issue is that there are too many computers to choose from, which can be overwhelming to newbies. Further, you will need to decide whether to build your own or purchase a pre-build. You will save money and have more customization choices with a DIY desktop but buying a pre-build will give you assurances from the retailer.

Photo by Dennis Cortés on Unsplash

Choose a Monitor

Your monitor translates your desktop into visible content, and it’s important to go for high quality to avoid grainy pictures. However, you need to make sure that your desktop can cope with the output. For example, if your computer isn’t powerful enough to deliver 4K output, there’s no point in investing in a UHD monitor. On average, a 144Hz monitor should do the trick and will be compatible with computers that can play current games.

Keyboard and Mouse

When it comes to computer gaming, a keyboard and mouse takes the controller’s spot, so it’s important to get the right ones. If you’re gaming for long periods, you should get an ergonomic keyboard, which will support your wrists. Further, you can get a comfy mouse mat, which will have wrist support at the front.

Extra Peripherals

You may need to use extra gadgets for gaming, which is why you should throw extra peripherals into your gaming setup. For example, if you’re an extreme driving game fan, you should consider getting a USB steering wheel. Also, to communicate with your friends online, a quality headset with a mic should make the cut.

Gaming is extremely popular and having a strong gaming setup demonstrates passion and provides comfort; follow to guide above for a great starting point.