November 29, 2023

FSM Media

by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Gift Guide: Christkindl.LIVE Christmas Market

Christkindl.LIVE mainly works with vendors who supply us with novel gifts, ornaments, and very exclusive German hand-made wooden items. For instance, the nutcracker images that you see on the mug and washi tape we sent you are from Cuckoo Forest which imports unique and authentic wooden Christmas nutcrackers and VdS-certified cuckoo clocks from the oldest and most reputed craft houses in Germany.

Christkindl LIVE constantly tries to create better ways to provide an online experience that’s modeled as closely as possible to a real Christkindl market. That’s why we’re ready with a wide array of popular products for the upcoming season as well as with a live booth assistant who will help our customers check out products in our store virtually. It’s an entirely new concept that we’re introducing to US online marketing this November because we know it’s the closest shoppers can get to finding out details about items before purchasing them online. Of course, it’s nowhere near the exciting physical Christkindl market experience, but we believe it could be the best thing we could offer our customers during the current pandemic.

BTW, We’ve noticed that the demand for plush Christmas gnomes has grown exponentially over the past few years, so we’re ready with a good supply of these cute decorative toys for our customers this year. Another area we’re concentrating on is mulling Gluhwein and spiced tea pouches since they are becoming very popular as a winter beverage in the US.

Plush Gnomes

Decorate your home for Christmas with adorable and colorful handmade plush gnomes. The cute and cuddly little creatures are sure to steal the limelight wherever they are placed, with their signature caps and large noses peeping out from masses of unruly hair. They come in a variety of colorful designs as standalone ornaments or as decorations on wreaths and stockings.

German Glühwein Mug Set – $17.95

This Limited Edition German gluhwein mug set absolutely brims over with seasonal cheer with images of good old Father Christmas and his reindeer, handsome nutcracker characters, a rotund snowman, and two happy birds against a beautifully designed festive background. The package includes the mug and mulling spices. 

Christmas Holiday Washi Tapes – $10.00

Gift-wrapping becomes easier and more elegant with washi tape. These pretty, decorative adhesive strips are as strong as masking tape but are very easy to use and remove. They can even be used on photos and other delicate stationery. Made from Japanese rice paper and other fibers, the product is completely recyclable. This beautiful washi set containing 9 rolls comes in 9 unique patterns. 

10 pcs Russian Nesting Dolls | Hand-painted Stackable Nested Wooden Dolls (blue) – $34.00

This set of exquisitely designed Russian nesting dolls are crafted from the highest quality Russian basswood and are carefully hand painted in traditional style by experienced craftsmen. They could be used as ornaments or jewelry cases.

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