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by Dianna Ranere

Holiday Gift Guide: Cardboard Cat Homes

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Cat Castle $30.99 and additional $4 for customization

Here at CardboardCatHomes.com, we think that the days of generic and bulky carpeted cat houses are simply medieval. That’s why we designed the cardboard Cat Castle: an ecological, adorable, and positively regal hideout for the true rulers of your house – your furry felines. At about 2.4 cubic feet of internal space, your cats will have plenty of room to lounge, play, and explore the depths of their personal fortress. That way, they’ll be too busy hanging out in their new favorite spot to cause kitty mischief throughout the rest of your home. Four attachable cardboard towers really add size and power to the design of our unique Cat Castle, making sure that this space is as impressive and commanding as your home’s furry royalty. On top of this, all of our products are made of thick, 200 lb. tested corrugated cardboard, which means that they’re durable enough to withstand the weight of the biggest, smallest, or in-betweenest rulers. Because our Cat Castle is made entirely of cardboard and nothing else, when your kitties inevitably grow tired of their fortress and want to move on to the next thing, simply disassemble and toss it into the recycling. 

The benefits of corrugated cardboard as the base material for our Cat Castle are numerous. Beyond being much more ecological than the plastic, metal, or fabric that is generally used in the normal cat house and cat tower offerings, cardboard also has the unique quality of being particularly good at absorbing scents. Cat noses are much more sensitive than those of humans and thus cats derive a lot more comfort and security being in environments that are covered in their personal scent. Within a few hours of your fluffy friend playing in their personal Cat Castle, it’ll be so imbued with their smell that there won’t be any other spot in your house that’s quite as cozy. 

Your cats are the best, so of course, they deserve the best. Don’t delay in getting this pawsitively purrfect cat chateau, our Cat Castle, for your home’s furriest kings or queens. 


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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Christmas-Divider-750x104.jpg