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by Dianna Ranere

Getting In The Holiday Spirit This Fall and Winter

Winter is not quite here yet, but the autumn chill is, meaning it is time to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Wherever you are this fall/winter, we have got the top tips to get you cozy in this cold weather and in the holiday spirit.


Decorating the home

With Halloween just around the corner and Christmas not far behind its time to decorate your home in keeping with the holidays. With Halloween coming first it’s time to bring out the warm autumnal tones of orange, brown, and burgundy, bringing these colors into your home in the shape of pillows, blankets and decorations can make you feel homely. Next time you are on an autumn walk, find some pinecones, fallen leaves, berries, ivy, and holly to create decorations, and don’t forget to go pumpkin picking so you can carve and display your pumpkins ready for Halloween.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels


We know it’s only October, but when the Halloween hype ends, you can start to look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. About mid-November, you should start swapping some of your Halloween decorations for Thanksgiving decorations. Keep your autumnal colors as Thanksgiving is a great blend of Fall and Christmas. Keep the pumpkins but ditch the carved one, add turkey ornaments to the displays to blend the two holidays. When Thanksgiving passes, it’s time to get in the Christmas spirit, that means getting that tree up and spending time with your family decorating it. Hang up the stocking and turn on the Christmas music because Santa is coming.


Eating hearty meals

Food is the way to everyone’s heart, and who doesn’t love a hearty home-cooked meal. Besides the traditional thanksgiving dinner, there are many other home-cooked recipes to try out. Homemade pot roast, mac, and cheese, or biscuits and gravy are to name a few. Why not try some seasonal soups such as pumpkin soup for Halloween, leftover turkey soup after Thanksgiving or a traditional vegetable soup, there is a range of soup recipes from Feasting at Home you could try out. 

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Don’t forget dessert, get in the kitchen and bake a traditional apple or pecan pie add a bit of cinnamon to make it that little bit more Christmassy. Not a fan of pie, bake some chocolate chip cookies, peach cobbler, or a traditional cheesecake. For your Christmas sweet tooth, bake some gingerbread men with the kids and let them decorate them with icing.


Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels


Spending time with loved ones

Holidays are all about family, make an effort to see your loved ones (covid permitting). Whether it is in person or video calling long-distance relatives, catching up with family or friends could be just what you need to lift your spirits for the holidays. As the nights draw in gather your family for a movie night in, make some snacks and hot chocolate, and cozy up under some blankets to watch some seasonal movies together as a family.

We hope we have helped you get in the holiday spirit, now you can go get started on carving those pumpkins with our Hundreds of FREE Pumpkin Stencils.