Hundreds of Free Pumpkin Stencils

Here’s an easy way to find all of the latest free pumpkin stencils. 

*If you know of a great resource for stencils, leave a comment and I may add it to the list!


6 Sci-Fi Pumpkin Carving Templates – Doctor Who, Star Trek, and more.

20+ Stencils – Geek out your pumpkin

Better Homes and Gardens – TONS of stencils to choose from.

Cartoon Network – Wanna have the best pumpkins on the block this Halloween? Download our FREE Cartoon Network Halloween Pumpkin Stencils and light up the spookiest of nights with your favorite characters! Check out these pics of all the pumpkins you can carve, and go to to download the stencils and handy dandy instructions! Happy Halloween!

Cat Stencils – 28 Cat Pumpkin Stencils for the Ultimate Halloween Jack-o-lantern

Cuddly Pumpkin Templates – Hello Kitty, Angry Birds Piggie, and more.

Disney – Disney Character stencils

DLTK – A TON of free pumpkin stencils!

Extreme Pumpkins – 48 Pumpkin Patterns and a How-To Guide for Free!

Family Craft –  13 free pumpkin carving patterns

Hershey’s – Decorate a pumpkin

How To Train Your Dragon – Stencils from the movie.

Martha Stewart – Pumpkin Ideas

MeTV – Classic stencils from shows like Alf, I love Lucy, Wonder Woman and more.

Military Stencils – Army, Navy, etc.

Muppet’s –  Kermit the Frog pumpkin carving template.

Orange and Black Pumpkins – Orange and Black Pumpkins is a pumpkin pattern database featuring over 150 original stencil designs by Randy Sabourin.

Pop Culture Templates – Assassins Creed Logo, Apple Logo, Kurt from Glee, Jack Skellington, and more

Pumpkin Pile – Various

Pumpkin Stencils – Scary to simple – Several templates, easy to advanced.

SpookMaster – A few free pumpkin stencils


Stoneykins – 100’s of very unique free stencils

The Pumpkin Lady – 700 FREE Stencils

World Wildlife Foundation – Beautiful free pumpkin stencils. Have to sign up to access.


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