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by Dianna Ranere

Debunking The Myths That Have Left Your Decorating Dreams On The Backburner

Decorating – love it or hate it, it’s the single best way to turn your house into the home you want. As soon as you make your mark, you can certainly transform a space from tired to tailor-made. The trouble is that, for many of us, decorating falls on the backburner. We’re busy, after all, and besides, most of us convince ourselves that decorating done right has to be complicated. 

This is just one of many decorating myths, and it contributes to decor delays that could leave us unhappy at home for far longer than necessary. In reality, though, decorating isn’t difficult, and many of the myths surrounding the task are just that – falsifications.

To prove the, we’re going to look at the three main myths, and how you can overcome each. 

Unsplash Image: CC0 License


# 1 – Money is decorating magic

Put your hands up if you think that decoration has to cost money. So often, we fall into this trap, but, we’re here to tell you that it’s actually possible to get the room of your dreams at barely any cost.

Of course, as with anything, costs can add up if you aren’t careful. But, decorating doesn’t automatically come with a price tag. Instead, turn to smaller paint brands, more affordable wallpaper, and thrifted home accessories. That way, you can ramp up your home without ever racking up debt. 


# 2 – You need a degree to decorate well

Okay, so no one believes that home decorating requires a degree. Still, many of us believe that we simply don’t have what it takes to turn what we imagine for our homes into a reality. 

Again, though, this simply isn’t true. While some research into the technique will certainly help you to perfect painting, wallpapering, etc.; none of these tasks is as complicated as you expect. Even if you truly struggle to perfect the art, you can always turn to professional decorators or a painting contractor who can take care of everything for you. That way you definitely won’t need a degree!

Either way, only by taking the decorating plunge can you realize just how within your reach those skills, or at least access to them, truly are. 


# 3 – You need to decorate every season

For some of us, delays on the decorating front are quite simply because we fall into the trap of thinking decorating needs doing every season. After all, home trends change as quickly as fast fashions. And, that fact alone can bring pressure that prevents us from ever taking the plunge. 

The goods news is that, while home trends do change, sticking with timeless styles that stand the test of time means you can redecorate once and enjoy your spoils for a long time to come. Generally neutral colors are especially effective here, with whites and beiges alike allowing you to fit one decoration effort into as many styles as you fancy, saving you from having to take the paintbrushes out again for a good few years.