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by Dianna Ranere

Express Your Personal Style with the Café Matte Collection by GE

Thanks to Best Buy for sponsoring this conversation. As always, all opinions are my own.


Have you ever thought about customizable appliances? Appliances that you could impart your personality and make it truly something that represents your style. Now you can do just that with the Café Matte Collection by GE, that allows you to express your style with customizable hardware.



The Café matte’s collection allows you to pick the finish of the handles and knobs so you can match your kitchen’s design and match your vision. Choose from brushed stainless, brushed black, brushed bronze and one of the hottest finishes is the brushed copper, which looks like a rose gold. The brushed copper is my favorite, although I also love the look of the stainless steel since that would match my decor more. But that’s just it, you have choices now, and ways to complement any appliance finish.



Just look at how the knobs and handles just pop and make the kitchen look super stylish! That brushed copper is to die for and I normally don’t like white appliances but having the ability to add these knobs and handles just gives the plain white appliances a whole new look, one of sophistication and class. Just imagine your next holiday party and your guests walking into your kitchen and seeing this?



If you are like me and like the color black, Best Buy has you covered. Just imagine the personalization….perhaps the brushed bronze against the black? Or maybe the brushed copper? That would be gorgeous! Of course the brushed stainless is a classic combination that always looks amazing! I just love how the appliances look up against that forest green. That’s what I love the most. No matter what your style or what your color-scheme is, you have the control over the design and look of your appliances.

 Check out the Café Matte Collection by GE at your local Best Buy. Which color would you pick to represent your personality?