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by Dianna Ranere



About the Show: 

APASSIONATA has been Europe’s most popular live arena show for nearly a decade, thrilling more than five million fans across 15 countries with a breathtaking display of the beauty and the bond between horse and rider.

Now APASSIONATA comes to North America to take audiences through a magical adventure featuring more than 40 horses, with exhilarating equine stunts by the world’s best performers.

Breeds from Friesians to Bretons – some rarely seen in North America – and their riders were brought from Europe to create this evocative theatrical event. From trick riding to liberty dressage, these teams have honed their craft on a single breed for generations. With graceful horsemanship and enchanting music, this equestrian sensation captivates families and horse lovers alike.

Directed by Scott Faris (“Walking with Dinosaurs”) and featuring an award-winning Broadway creative team, APASSIONATA “THE BEGINNING” is sure to give audiences of all ages an unforgettable experience.


I had the pleasure of being able to take my boys to APASSIONATA “The Beginning”  last night.  We took pictures, but of course, we couldn’t use the flash since we didn’t want to spook the horses, so the pictures aren’t great.

The show was great, especially if you are an equestrian of any sorts. I love horses, but was lost many times as to why so many were applauding, but assumed it was due to the amazing training the horses have to go through to perform how they did. It was very interesting to watch just how precise they were in every move they made.


Our favorite parts of the show were Sylvie Willms and her horses. She was amazing with them and the love and trust between her and all of horses she had was evident.


We also enjoyed Basile the Donkey and his trainer. It was a nice little comedic skit and the kids really enjoyed it.


Perhaps our most favorite of the night, and the crowds favorite due to the amount of screaming, were the Daredevils and the trick riding. Oh my! This was by far the most entertaining part of the show. From standing on the horses back,  to jumping over fire, and then to the show where they were flipping all around the horses, from the side, underneath, on top, you name it, they did it.  I was holding my breath through most of it! It was just amazing to see!

So again, if you love horses, and have any knowledge of them at all, this is the show for you. You will love all of the breeds and all of the training that went into this beautiful show.


Tickets are on sale now, check to see when they are coming to your city.

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