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by Dianna Ranere

Win JENGA Boom! #HasbroGameNight

There is a new twist on the classic JENGA game – JENGA Boom! This new version adds a thrilling new aspect to the game we all love to play….it explodes! Well not really, but you’ll see what I mean.

Check out the cool packaging, love that it looks like dynamite, and even comes with a fuse!

Jenga Boom

This new game is played just like the original JENGA, but this time, as you are plotting out your moves to remove the wooden blocks, you are racing against the detonator. If you run out of time, the whole thing explodes!

Jenga Boom

To start the game you pull the fuse cord, then stack the blocks on top of the detonator, then once all the blocks are stacked, you start the the detonator before each turn. Each player has to delicately remove a block before time runs out and the platform drops, sending the blocks everywhere.

Jenga Boom

I played with both of my boys, and it definitely adds a little thrill to the game. The ticking of the detonator is awesome and keeps you on your toes. We were going a little manic trying not to be the last one before it exploded!

JENGA  Boom includes: 

  • 36 Jenga wood blocks
  • Detonator
  • Stacking sleeve
  • Instructions

Approx. Retail: $17.99

Ages 6 and up.

1+ players

(1 winner will win Jenga Boom)
Jenga Boom