The Light Bulb Phenomena – When Appliances Die

Have you ever noticed that when one light bulb blows out that all of the light bulbs will suddenly die in rapid succession? It’s strange but I think this phenomena is happening with my appliances.

The first to bite the dust was the microwave, it just decided to stop heating up one day and though it wasn’t old, maybe  two years old or so, I think the constant use had taken its toll. No big deal, microwaves are pretty cheap, well most are anyway. We actually found a semi-new one on Craigslist for $30 bucks, crisis averted.

The next to go was the garbage disposal, just stopped, no whirring sounds, no nothing, just dead. Right after that, like a few days, the dishwasher decided to go on to the appliance graveyard in the sky. This was a huge issue, not for me, I grew up without a dishwasher and actually preferred washing dishes by hand, it was a huge issue for the hubby. If he couldn’t load up that dishwasher then there just wasn’t any way to wash dishes.  That was a phenomenon in itself.

We replaced the dishwasher and magically the disposal started working, obviously all connected somehow. The dishwasher is an older model but FREE. We found it on Freecycle and installed it ourselves.

Next to bite the dust, the dryer. Now keep in mind, this is the dryer that came with the house, so we have no idea how old it actually is, all I know is it worked fine and did what it was supposed to do until one day it stopped doing that. The heating coil went up, again, we had replaced it once and now, with money being tight, it’s just not gonna happen. So, this is what I do, I wash clothes and hang them on the clothes line, you read that right, hang them, just like our Mother’s and Grandmother’s used to do. I then throw them in the dead dryer that only pumps out cold air with a dryer sheet to make them less crunchy, which they do get when hanging to dry.

One day I will have all of the newest, shiniest, bell’s and whistles appliances, but for now, I will be thrifty, and frugal and figure out how to make my appliances work, until the next one suffers the light bulb phenomena, cause you know it will happen.

Here’s my dream washer and dryer, what are your dream appliances?

Red Whirlpool Washer and Dryer