What You Can Do To Boost Your Health Over The Weekend

Health has become the front and center topic for society. We’re all wondering and questioning about our own health and where we should be making changes. Some changes are going to be small, such as watching what we eat. Other changes are going to be lifestyle-changing, such as stopping alcohol consumption. Life is so precious and during this pandemic and subsequent lockdown, we have seen how important it really is that we look after each other. If anything, this virus has reminded us that none of us is guaranteed a spot on earth, for tomorrow. Here’s how to boost your health over a weekend.

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Lemon and honey

Spots and blackheads are horrible for your skin but if you allow them to fester, they are bad for your body. A spot that is allowed to grow, ends up causing an immune response which causes the build-up of bacterial liquid known as puss. Your body will begin to localize the area and it can feel as if the spot weighs several pounds and it’s very hot. 

A simple at-home lemon and honey sugar scrub could take care of your spot problem within a few hours. Sugar is a coarse material, which can be used as a scrubbing agent. The lemon attacks and tightens the skin and bacteria, while the honey, soothes the area and makes it more bearable. Apply this scrub twice a day and you should feel and see the difference.


Drain your system

Don’t you ever feel like just flushing your entire system and starting again? The chemicals in your body that have built up over the years, your aching muscles and your creaking bones, need love and attention to be repaired. Using this IV therapy technique, you can flush out all the bad stuff in your system and feel 5 years younger. You can choose from a cold or flu resistant solution, nutrients and minerals, hydration and workout energy. The drips will only be administered by a professional nurse or doctor. You simply sit or lie down, and wait for the drip to enter your body. You feel so much lighter and fresher when you’re done. You can even feel the drip working as it enters your body.


Have a cheat meal

If you have been working out, but you still feel unhappy, then you need to ease off the accelerator. There’s a reason why cheat meals exist. But so often, people turn a cheat meal into a cheat weekend. This is not something you should be doing. All your progress will vanish and you’ll just end up hating yourself. Have one cheat meal, make it as large as you want; but just have one! You should also only have your cheat meal at dinner, so you’re not tempted to elongate your cheat meal into multiple snacks and meals during the day.


These are some simple things you can do over the weekend to boost your immune system, your mental health and your love for life. Let’s stay enjoying ourselves again, now that the lockdown is finally lifting.