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by Dianna Ranere

What 40 Pounds of Zaycon Chicken Looks Like

What 40 Pounds of Zaycon Chicken Looks Like 8

Disclosure: The following is a sponsored post.

What 40 Pounds of Zaycon Chicken Looks Like 8


A few months  ago I posted about Zaycon Foods, and how I would be receiving 40 pounds of chicken. Well, this week I went to my local event and picked up the chicken!

Once you place your order on the Zaycon Foods website you will be able to choose an event in your State where you will pick up your order. My chicken event was scheduled for October 8th at a church not too far from my home. Having never purchased from Zaycon, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I did see some photo’s from other bloggers of long lines when they went to pick up their chicken.

My husband and I set off to pick up the chicken and were pleasantly surprised when all we saw was the Zaycon truck, there were no other cars at all. All we had to do was pull up and give our receipt to the representative.  He asked us to pop our trunk so he could place the chicken inside. We had to make a few pit stops after leaving there, so we brought along an ice chest so we could put the chicken in there. You won’t have to worry though, it comes in a water-resistant cardboard case that contains one large bag, and then three or four smaller bags containing the chicken breasts. What 40 Pounds of Zaycon Chicken Looks Like 7

Our representative was awesome, so kind, helpful, and generally interested in us as customers, and appreciative that as a blogger, I would be spreading the good word about Zaycon and their products.

So fast-forward to arriving home with our 40 pounds of chicken, now it was time to prep them for storage. I grabbed a cutting board, carving knife and we proceeded to open the bag of chicken.  The breasts are butterflied so you will need to separate them, as well as trim little bits of fat.

What 40 Pounds of Zaycon Chicken Looks Like


The chicken breasts were HUGE! They also had great color, weight, and barely any fat. Zaycon prides themselves with offering 100 % natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients. We were definitely impressed with the quality.

What 40 Pounds of Zaycon Chicken Looks Like 5

It took about half an hour to fully prep them, and we ended up with 16 freezer bags with 3 breasts each inside. Holy chicken that’s a lot, thankfully we have a freezer in the basement!

What 40 Pounds of Zaycon Chicken Looks Like 2

Overall, I am really happy with my experience, and will be ordering again. I look forward to purchasing other items like ground beef, bacon, fruit and more.

I created a Pinterest board to feature chicken recipes from myself and other fabulous bloggers, using Zaycon Chicken. Feel free to follow along!