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by Dianna Ranere

Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock! Coming To DVD November 6th

Last June Disney Junior announced a brand new show called “Vampirina” about a lovable young vampire girl, Vampirina, who is facing the joys and trials of being the new kid in town when her family moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. Since then the show had taken off and is one of the most popular shows on Disney Junior.

As soon as I heard of this show I was hooked. Yes, I am a grown woman who has to sons who are far too old to watch, but I love all things Vampire and all the dark spooky things, even a children’s show. Besides, it looked adorable! So when I was given the opportunity to review “Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock!” I knew I just had too.

VAMPIRINA: GHOUL GIRLS ROCK! Includes Six 22-minute Episodes of Disney Junior’s Hit Animated Series “Vampirina,” Plus Seven Bonus shorts! So if you have missed any of the series here’s your chance to binge. The stories are cute and sweet and by no means too scary for little ones. They are Vampires, but a family of very friendly Vampires with life lessons in every episode. Children will love the music and in this DVD you get an entire special section of music video shorts.

Synopsis: Follow Vampirina and her two best friends, Poppy and Bridget, as they take the stage and start their very own band: the Ghoul Girls! Cheer them on as they travel to Transylvania for their first-ever talent competition and go on many more awesome adventures! Amped with six music-filled episodes, plus seven bonus animated shorts, Vampirina: Ghoul Girls Rock! soars to fang-tastic new heights as Vee and her friends learn how to find their inner ghoul and rock out!

Voice Cast: Isabella Crovetti as Vampirina; Lauren Graham as Oxana Hauntley; James Van Der Beek as Boris Hauntley; Wanda Sykes as Gregoria; Mitchell Whitfield as Demi; Jordan Alexa Davis as Poppy; ViviAnn Yee as Bridget; and Dee Bradley Baker as Wolfie.

Episodes: Vampire Weekend / The Bird Who Knew Too Much

The Ghoul Girls / Game Night

Oldie But a Ghouldie / Beast in Show

Vampirina Ballerina / Treasure Haunters

Home Scream Home

Countess Vee / Frights, Camera, Action!


Bonus: Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock! Music Video Shorts:

Living the Scream

Inner Ghoul

Transylvania Girls

Ghoul Glam

Boogieman Boogie

Everybody Scream, Everybody Howl

The Mummy Rap