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by Dianna Ranere

Top Three Dog Treat Companies You Need To Know About

I have two large dogs, Zoey is a 75 pound Beagle/Staffy mix who will pretty much eat anything, and Radar a 60-pound Australian Cattle Dog/Staffy Mix who will also eat anything BUT has some digestive issues so we have to be careful what we feed him.

I was contacted by several dog treat companies wanting to send me their treats to see what Zoey and Radar would love. Out of those, we have chosen our favorites, or their favorites to be more accurate.

  1. Natural Farm

I love when a company is created because pet owners wanted better treats for their pets than what was on the market. That is exactly how this company came about. Not only do they offer 100% natural treats, chews, and bones, sustainably sourced directly from farms, they help replenish our world by planting a tree with every online order that is made.

They also provide certified green packaging where each bag is made with 51% recyclable sugar cane and in addition to packaging, all promotional materials are printed on recyclable materials.

I don’t think Zoey and Radar know how awesome that is, but they do know how awesome the treats are. They tried the bully-coated collagen sticks and the odor-free collagen sticks and they loved both! I have to say that I liked the odor-free more… if you know, you know.

2. Barkworthies

Barkworthies is a company that prides itself in providing pet treats that are sourced naturally, contain no artificial preservatives or chemicals, and contain premium ingredients that help a dog’s overall nutrition.

Barkworthies sent us a few products to try like bully sticks that contain collagen and the favorite by far, Barkworthies’ new Love Bone. This is an all-natural chew that is shaped like a heart. It’s made with real chicken and lasts for about 15 minutes, which is a pretty long time in the life of a chew. The treats are USA Baked & Hand Inspected & Packed in Richmond, VA.

Zoey and Radar both LOVED these snacks! Radar seems to be having a moment with his in that picture, maybe he’s telling it how much he loves it?? 🙂

3. Shameless Pets

I love that Shameless Pets products are Upcycled, meaning they rescue misfit and surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away and use that nutritious food to create high-quality treats for your pets.

Zoey and Radar absolutely LOVED the Duck-Tato cage-free duck and sweet potato flavored treats. I liked that they were made with great ingredients and that the treats were soft.

I hope you check out these awesome brands. Let me know if you do and which one is your pet’s favorite.