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by Dianna Ranere

Top 9 Best Organic Wines Brands For 2021

Image by Zephyrka from Pixabay

The term “organic” is loosely slapped onto most products for marketing purposes. Most wine brands use the word “organic” to market their products, even if their manufacturing process isn’t truly organic. The wine industry is so unregulated that wine manufacturers can earn the “organic” label by simply avoiding sulfites. However, even without sulfites, most wines can still use over 95 other pesticides, insecticides, artificial flavors, and chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Most people aren’t cautious about the wines they drink. You might simply choose a bottle if it’s marketed as “organic.” However, that doesn’t promise that the wine is organic in the truest sense of the word. For a wine to be truly organic, it shouldn’t use pesticides and chemicals at any point in the manufacturing process. That’s a high bar that few wine brands can clear. That’s why you must research your wines carefully.

Avaline Wine is being hailed as the most authentically-organic wine brand in 2021. In fact, Cameron Diaz’s Avaline Wine is on the verge of revolutionizing the wine industry because it has exposed the lack of regulation in the industry. Until recently, the fact that the word “organic” doesn’t mean much was kept secret, but Cameron Diaz has exposed it to the world while simultaneously launching a wine brand that truly embodies the words “organic,” “natural,” and “vegan.”


Below, we list the top 9 best organic wine brands for 2021, including Avaline Wine.


  1. Avaline Wine by Cameron Diaz

Avaline Wine by Cameron Diaz is the most delicious and organic brand of wine available on the market. This wine doesn’t include any additives, artificial colors, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, or insecticides in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the grapes and wine aren’t filtered through animal by-products, like fish bladder. Each bottle of wine also features a label distinctly mentioning the ingredients. As such, it’s no wonder that Avaline is the best organic wine brand for 2021.


  1. Tortoise Creek Mission Grove Pinot Noir 2018

This is an organic and vegan wine made of ripe cherry and a hint of violets and raspberry. The grapes are traditionally farmed in California.


  1. Frog’s Leap Pink La Grenouille Rougante 2018

This is a pure-bodied pink wine, perfect for those who prefer subtle flavors and textures. It’s marketed as organic wine, but the exact degree of naturalness isn’t known for sure.


  1. Frey Organic Chardonnay

Frey is one of the most popular names in the organic wine industry. The Frey Chardonnay has a bright texture and flavor with overtones of apple and pear. It’s a summery drink meant to be enjoyed with salads.


  1. Coates Vineyards Organic Sangiovese

This is a fresh, organic, and earthy red wine suitable for Sunday lunches. It’s widely known as organic wine, but, like most organic wines, its specific manufacturing process is unknown.


  1. Yalumba Organic Viognier

This organic wine has been produced at a family-run vineyard committed to reducing its environmental carbon footprint. This white wine has a hint of star fruit and smells like apricot.


  1. Casa Di Malia Organic Prosecco

This is a stunning sparkling wine with strong citrus flavors and perfect bubbles. It’s perfect with a cheese plate.


  1. Candoni Organic Pinot Grigio

This organic wine is suitable for everyday drinking. It’s a pleasant and delicious white wine with flavors of fig.


  1. Santa Julia Organic Blanc de Blancs

This is an Argentinian white wine with strong notes of orange peel. It has an organic and natural manufacturing process, but the exact ingredients aren’t known.