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by Dianna Ranere

The View – I’m Whoopi! Who Are You?

Yay, Whoopi is back this week on The View! Didn’t realise how I much I missed her wittiness until she was gone. Speaking of Whoopi, I took the new quiz on The View site: Which Co-Host Are You Most Like? and here are my results:

Whoopi Goldberg – You’re funny and blunt and every once in a blue moon, you lapse into a Valley Girl accent and you’re not sure why. Among your friends, you keep things on topic — you’re a leader. You’re very laid back, but if something rubs you the wrong way, you’re not afraid to ask “What the hell?!”

LOL, I’ll take that, out of all of them, I think I can relate to her level of humor more.

Now that Whoopi is back in the moderators seat, all seems back to normal on the show, well until the second guest on Monday came on, but more of that later. One of the hot topics just warmed my heart, being an animal lover I was so happy to learn about Oscar, who had his back feet severed by a combine harvester, and  has been given two prosthetics. OMG! I want this Kitty and how amazing is this that he now has back feet?

Nikki Blonsky from ABC Family’s Huge and Broadway’s Hairspray, was the guest. She talked about her new show on ABC Family and what it was like being a large girl in Hollywood. It is just like I figured it would be, just like high school. I’m interested in checking out the show since I can’t decide if it is about accepting yourself  for who you are but neglecting to focus on the health issue side of being overweight. Having dealt with all aspects of weight, I’m interested in their approach for sure.

Now, I don’t know if  The View couldn’t find a better guest in time and had to just go with Gary Brooks Faulkner but I was shocked to see this man on The View. Apparently he is hunting Osama bin Laden BUT I could not follow this man’s conversation to save my life, he was speaking in riddles and just seemed a little out there. I swear I felt like I was being punked and from the looks on the women’s faces, they weren’t quite sure what to make of him either. Even stranger, he was a guest on Letterman later that night, WTH?

Tuesdays show had one my favorite actors as co-host – Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family. Love him and love that show. The guests were Helen Mirren and her husband Taylor Hackford. I think Helen is an absolutely stunning women and people need to stop being so surprised that she posed in a bath tub – who cares, she’s still a beautiful and sexy woman, it doesn’t matter she’s not 25.

Today the guest was James Franco from General Hospital and the new Julia Roberts movie Eat, Pray, LoveJumpin’ Jack Flash. I don’t watch the Soaps anymore but when I did, General Hospital was one of my faves, reminds me of my Mom so much. I have to admit that I am not familiar with James nor the new movie he is in, might have to check him out.

Tomorrow’s  show will have Helen Hunt as the guest and Friday Kate Gosselin will co-host (on a side note, shouldn’t her 15 min’s of fame be up by now? Just sayin 😉

If you missed any of the shows this week, you can catch them here.

DISCLOSURE – I was given financial compensation from ABC Daytime to write this blog.  My reviews and recommendations are always my own and represent my genuinely held opinions.