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by Dianna Ranere

The Top 7 iPhone Movie Apps You Need In Your Life Right Now

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

The days of watching movies on the big screen were already giving way to the small screen way before the pandemic. But the disease has certainly accelerated the process. And now many people are wondering whether the time has come to abandon it entirely in favor of the small screen. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the top iPhone apps you can use to download and watch movies on your cell. Check them out below. 


Cinemabox is one of the more interesting iPhone movie apps out there. This lesser-known app offers a vast library of both TV shows and feature-length films – and it has some excellent options for younger audiences too. 

Cinemabox is a little bit like Amazon Prime. In addition to regular media, it also has plenty of music too. What’s more, the developers have clearly spent an enormous amount of time and energy ironing out all of the errors and bugs in the programming, providing users with a smooth and pleasant experience. It’s available on iOS and also Android plus the web. 


If you’re a big fan of east Asian content, you’ll love Viki. This clever little app is ideal for anyone who wants to catch up on the latest Chinese, Korean or Japanese movies and media. 

The platform provides subtitles for international audiences. Plus, the app itself is actually free, with no breaks between the movies for ads that could break the flow. 

If you want to stream US or English-speaking content via the app, you can. However, the selection is a little less than you might find elsewhere on some of the mainstream platforms. 


Viewster is a movie app for people who love alternative content. Its major advantage is the fact that it shows programs that don’t air on the major TV networks. So it’s the kind of app that’s worth getting even if you already pay a large cable subscription. 


For those looking for a genuine movie downloader app – and not just a streamer – then look no further than Crackle. This popular iPhone app is quite similar to other solutions on the market, like Showbox, and is provided by Sony. 

You’ll need to be careful with how much storage the app uses though. To see what you’re using, check the iPhone storage Other option. Here, you’ll find how much space you’re using for various downloads. You can also see the total percentage of space it’s taking up on your drive. 

One of the benefits of Crackle is how easy it is to install. It’s also relatively straightforward to navigate, though finding some titles can be a little challenging at times. Crackle only has a limited content library at any given time, depending on which rights Sony owns. The electronics firm tries to optimize this the best it can, but it can mean that your selection is sometimes a little limited. 


SnagFilms is an app made for film buffs by people obsessed with movies. Unlike many of its competitors, it offers a giant library, complete with more than 2,000 movies at any given time. That’s enough to potentially keep you going for years and years. 

The range of films on offer on the platform is also quite considerable. It has content that includes cartoons, dramas, comedies, thrillers, family movies and much, much more. 

The nice thing about SnagFilms is that you can create a cloud account. So if you want to switch from watching movies on your iPhone to other devices, then you can with relative ease. 


Stremio isn’t fussy about the type of content that it provides. This platform offers a little bit of everything, including free stuff from YouTube. You can also organize your existing streaming service subscriptions via the platform, including Amazon, Hulu and Netflix. This way, you can select movies from a single screen without having to continually swap accounts (which can get a little annoying after a while). 

Pluto TV

Pluto TV has been around for a long time. In fact, in the 1980s, the outfit actually produced some of its own films. Today, the company is making TV apps for iPhone and having some considerable success in the process. The service is an interesting hybrid-style service. So, for instance, some programming is only available at specific times of the day (similar to old-fashioned TV). 

Pluto TV comes with a guide that shows when programs will go live. And it separates shows into various categories, making them easier for users to navigate.