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by Dianna Ranere

The Middle: Punishments That Don’t Fit The Crime

After Axl leaves his dirty smelly socks lying around the house one too many times, Mike punished his son by banning him from playing his basketball team’s final game. Given the Heck legacy on the basketball team, do you think it was the best decision?

When it comes to punishments, I will be the first to admit that I am the lenient one and my husband is the one who dishes out the heavy duty punishments, well, until I make him feel bad and then we both cave in. Good parenting? Eh, we think so, besides, they haven’t done anything…yet..that deserves a harsh punishment. Hah, I said “yet.”

I remember my Mom was the enforcer and my Dad just kind of went along with it. We never had harsh punishments though, mainly having to stay inside, clean our rooms and the like. Have you ever, or had a parent, give the time that didn’t fit the crime? Were you able to get out of it and how?

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