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by Dianna Ranere

The Magician’s Elephant |Official Trailer

THE MAGiCIAN'S ELEPHANT - Cr: Netflix © 2023

The Magician’s Elephant – When young Peter sets out to find his sister, his optimistic spirit guides him through an unexpected encounter with an elephant and three seemingly impossible tasks, also giving hope to his entire town along the way.

Quote from the Director Wendy Rogers:

“It is my honor to introduce you to The Magician’s Elephant, a joyful animated reimagining of Kate DiCamillo’s prize-winning novel. Our film follows optimistic young Peter on a quest to find his sister – an adventure that involves achieving three impossible tasks and an unexpected elephant encounter. Combining Martin Hynes’ comedic and thoughtful script with the well-respected experience of producer Julia Pistor, The Magician’s Elephant was a wonderful privilege to create as my directorial debut. I am forever grateful for our brilliant crew at Netflix and Animal Logic that collectively designed and crafted a beautiful, surreal yet tangible world in which our compellingly layered and diverse cast of characters flourishes. I could not have asked for a more emotionally fulfilling story to tell in partnership with such talented filmmakers and voice actors.

THE MAGiCIAN’S ELEPHANT – Cr: Netflix © 2023

I hope you will enjoy the cinematic journey into our fabled world, and be inspired by Peter’s grit, determination and belief that anything is possible: his spirit has strong resonance for our present day, a time in which we must not only believe that the world can be different, but that we must take action to make positive change! “- Wendy Rogers

THE MAGiCIAN’S ELEPHANT Cr: Netflix © 2023