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by Dianna Ranere

The Best Movies To Watch On Your Birthday

Pexels – CC0 Licence

Under normal circumstances, you might celebrate your birthday by going to a restaurant or throwing a party. But in the age of coronavirus, there’s no guarantee that those things will be possible. Plus, those activities are really only nailed-on if your birthday falls on a weekend. If you’re celebrating your latest cycle around the sun in the early part of the week, then you might not have the option of going out (out on a weeknight?!). So why not get comfortable and watch a movie? Birthdays aren’t the hottest Hollywood theme, but there are a few movies that are worth watching on your birthday, such as the four outlined below. 

                                   Pexels – CC0 Licence


Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone

Few people have birthdays as memorable as the one that Harry Potter had in the first movie of the franchise. On his 11th birthday, The Boy Who Lived didn’t get a bicycle or new train set, oh no — he was taken to Wizardry School. We’re lucky if we get taken to a theme park on our special day — Harry Potter was taken to a real-life, magic world. Admittedly, it’s not all smooth sailing at Hogwarts. Still, a birthday to remember, without a doubt. 


The Birds

The setting of The Birds would make for a pretty memorable and special birthday. An idyllic California coastal town? Sounds like a lovely way to spend a birthday. Alas, things would take a turn for the worse if some demonic birds turned up, intent on causing you physical harm. And that’s just what happened to Cathy, the protagonist of The Birds, on her birthday. She wanted happy birthday flowers; she got stalked and harassed by a murder of crowds. She did at least get to drive off into the sunset at the end of the movie, though. 


13 Going on 30

It’s not all bad getting older. In fact, much of it is enjoyable — you know more, have a greater sense of who you are, enjoy the finer things in life. Much to love! But you wouldn’t want to jump too far into the future. So spare a thought for Jenna Rink, who, on her 13th birthday, suddenly ages 17 years in a single night. Turning thirty can be traumatic enough, but when you’re coming from the world of ice-cream and slumber parties, it’s even more traumatic. She handled it well, however, and eventually returned back to her original age. What an adventure!


Toy Story

Toys, toys, toys! You might not be getting quite as many toys as you did when you were younger (but we’re rooting for you). And even if you did, we’re not quite so sure that they’d be as magical as the ones that Andy got in Toy Story. Those guys had such a fun and exciting life that they made a movie out of it! Having said that, Andy didn’t know his toys were coming to life when he wasn’t looking. So we can’t say for certain that your toys aren’t having an adventure too.