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by Dianna Ranere

The Best Daniel Craig James Bond Film

Daniel Craig has recently revealed that he will return for one last James Bond in what is excellent news for us young Bond fans who have grown up with Daniel Craig as 007 and made us fall in love with the series.

Daniel Craig in Casino Royale  Image: Sony Pictures/Rex Features


Our favorite Bond from Craig is actually the first film that they released in 2006 called Casino Royale, its cold, messy, and violent start dragged you into the action straight away with picturesque scenes from across the globe. The glamour in the Casinos in some of the final scenes makes it one lifestyle many would like to live by – the final casino scene is one that will stick with us forever.

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Our next favorite would probably have to be that of Skyfall; the one that famously had Adele sing the theme tune which was a huge hit in the charts. Many viewers do remain split of this blockbuster whether or not is has enough action in it to be claimed as one of his best Bond’s but the final scene with M and Bond make it one of the reasons as why it became the highest-grossing Bond film in history.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in “Spectre,” directed by Sam Mendes.Credit…Jonathan Olley/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures


Next, and probably the most disappointing in terms of hype towards the pre-release is Spectre which is the latest release.  The film is all very lost and doesn’t seem to have much direction into how it is developing, in fact, the ending is very strange and unexplained to be honest. We do think this is the main reason why Craig wants to do one more episode of 007 so he can ensure that he finishes on a high. 

Finally, and in our opinion the worst of Craig’s as still now 12 years after its release we are confused about the name, the plot, the title, and the characters to this film – it just doesn’t seem to add up and is very confusing. Very clever to release this very soon after the success of Casino Royale and to get Daniel Craig in the limelight again but the whole film felt rushed and did dent the legacy of Daniel Craig as 007.