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by Dianna Ranere

The 5 Greatest Infomercials Of All Time

Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

Some of us find infomercials cheesy. In some cases, they can be downright bizarre (just what is this product about?). However, done right, infomercials can be very memorable and very effective. Through a simple sales pitch and demo, they’re able to turn a virtually unknown product into a multi-million dollar company. Below are just 5 of the greatest infomercials to be aired on US television. 


The Vince Offer Shamwow infomercial had people flocking to buy its product. The product was a miracle cloth that can be used to wash, dry and polish any surface from your kitchen counter to your car to even your dog! The product is pretty impressive, but Vince’s enthusiastic pitching is what makes this infomercial so engaging and memorable. Vince Offer has also promoted many other memorable products such as the Slap Chop chopping machine. He’s made a name for himself as the king of infomercial pitches.


The Snuggie might seem like a silly concept on the surface (a blanket with sleeves? Isn’t that just, like, wearing a bathrobe backwards?), but so many people bought this product when this infomercial was released. In fact, Snuggie has raked in over $400 million in sales to date. And it all started with this ad. The product does certainly look very cosy.

Ginsu Knife

The Ginsu knife grabbed people’s attention in 1980 for being a knife that can cut through practically anything. In the commercial, we see it cutting through frozen food, a tin can and even some wood. Naturally, everybody wanted this knife in their kitchen afterwards. The idea of it being a ‘Japanese’ knife definitely gave it an exotic allure as if it were forged by samurai in Kyoto. However, rather interestingly, the knife was designed and manufactured in the US. The Japanese theme of the infomercial simply made people believe that it was a foreign company.


Stain removal agent OxiClean became a roaring success after its 2000 infomercial featuring Billy Mays. Like Vince Offer of ShamWow, Billy Mays used an energetic and enthusiastic pitching style that was pure hypnosis. By removing a stain in front of the viewers’ eyes, the infomercial also proved that its product was effective – countless stain removal ads around the world have since borrowed this idea. BIlly Mays has since passed away, but OxiClean lives on as one of the most iconic cleaning solutions thanks to his infomercial.

The George Foreman Grill

This innovative grill, famously sponsored by George Foreman, has changed the way that many of us grill food in our homes. Over 100 million units have been sold since its launch. It all started with a 1996 infomercial featuring George Foreman (who was just about to retire from boxing at the time). Unbelievably, the world heavyweight champion has made more money from this grill sponsorship than he ever did in his 30 year boxing career.