Holiday Gift Guide: Sunnyland Farms Gifts

Sunnyland Farms Gifts


Sunnyland Farms is a 1,760 acre Georgia pecan farm that strives to do everything with excellence. From the harvesting to the grading to the packing and shipping, they manage every part of the process from the top down.

Here are just a few of the reasons customers buy Sunnyland Farms again and again:

  • They have been a family-owned business since 1948, starting as a mail-order company and moving to sell online to tens of thousands of customers around the world
  • Sunnyland Farms is unique in that we are a farm AND manufacturer. Every product is managed on-site with close attention to detail
  • Georgia pecans are known as the best in the world, and our farm is located in Albany, Georgia, known as the pecan capital of the world
  • Free shipping – no minimum order needed (unlike many other online pecan shops) with a commitment to outstanding quality
  • They are certified kosher and a heart-healthy food
  • They have the best customer service you’ll find anywhere; we always aim to respond immediately with southern hospitality and quick responses
  • Employees are the backbone of the company and have helped them grow to be one of the most respected companies in the industry
  • The products serve multiple purposes: satisfying snacking; baking and cooking; unique wedding favors; and for giving universally-loved gifts to friends, family, neighbors, employees, and customers


Sunnyland Farms Heavenly Mix Toasted & Salted Gift Tin 

Super elegant and fancy. In fact, it’s so exceptional, we couldn’t possibly call it anything except heavenly. Our salted Heavenly Mix is a combination of Whole Almonds, Jumbo Cashews, Macadamia Nuts, and Mammoth Pecan Halves, Georgia grown of course,  to produce our most popular mix. You won’t be able to find a more exquisite, sumptuous mixture of toasted nuts than this!

Starting from $44.05


Sunnyland Samplers 

Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer your snacks on the saltier side, we have the perfect combination for you! Choose from the following samplers: The Sweet Sampler, The Sweet and Salty Sampler and The Salty Sampler!

Starting from $39.30



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